50 Up and Coming Nursing Blogs Worth Reading

Nurse blogs have been popular among student nurses, employed nurses, nurse practitioners and even the general public over the years, as the knowledge and humor imparted in blogs such as Nurse Ratched’s Place (since 2006) and Not Nurse Ratched (since 2007) are contagious. New nurse blogs come on board every year, and 2007 and 2008 were good years, but not as populated as 2009. This past year showed a drop in new nurse blogs, especially compared with the previous year.

This list of 50 up and coming nursing blogs worth reading were gathered from other popular nurse blogs’ blog lists. This list is categorized by currently updated blogs created in 2010 and in 2009, and each link is listed in alphabetical order within both years. We may have missed some great up and coming nursing blogs in this process, so feel free to share your popular picks with us.


  1. Frazzled_razzleRN: A wife and mother talks about her return to school to become a nurse.
  2. Just Call Me Nurse…Eventually: A wife and mother decides to return to school to become a nurse.
  3. Madness: tales of an emergency room nurse: This blog is about the adventures of a veteran nurse in an inner city ER.
  4. Nurse Wannabe: An Australian woman begins her bachelor of nursing program in February 2011.
  5. Nursebound: A former journalist goes back to school for nursing.
  6. NurseXY: Just Nurse XY and his “Y chromosome afloat on the estrogen ocean that is the nursing field.”
  7. Nursing & EDS! A 24-year-old with EDS has one more year of nursing school to go.
  8. Nursing School the Accelerated Route: Follow the blog of a student in an accelerated BSN program.
  9. R (etired) N: Difficult to believe that this RN is retired, as her topics focus on healthcare — especially for women.
  10. NursingSam the RN: Sam, who prefers not to be called “that dude nurse,” blogs about the kind of thing that happens in a nurse’s life; all fiction, because of privacy laws.
  11. The Doctor Stole My Stethoscope: Raquel is a nurse and mom who tries to do an above average job at both while appreciating the wit, wisdom, and absurdity around her.
  12. The Medical RNinja: A third-year medical student and RN blogs about nursing, medicine and becoming a doctor.
  13. The Nerdy Nurse: A wife and mother and self-proclaimed “nerdy nurse” writes about her experiences.
  14. The Nursing Ethics Blog: Nancy Walton and Chris McDonald blog about nursing ethics, under the principle that ethics is central to the way nurses do their job.
  15. The Student Nurse: Read the adventures of a student nurse who is embarking on a second career.


  1. A Nurse and Her Camera: A self-proclaimed “end of the line nurse who has fallen in love with her camera.”
  2. Abilene Rob: A male nurse who stretches the truth just a bit in his “About Me” page spills his guts about his job.
  3. Debbie Without Borders: A wife, mother, nurse and Christian, this woman blogs her nursing experiences and how they fit in her daily life.
  4. Diaper Changes are NOT my Job: A recent graduate nurse blogs about the “kiddies, the adults that come with them, and other stuff” that occurs in the pediatric ward.
  5. Nurse UniformsDrawing on Experience: Will draws this comic-blog depicting his daily life, begun in August of 2009 when he began nursing school. Many comics are about nursing, some are about his pug Goober.
  6. Infusion Nurse Blog: An RN who is a certified registered nurse in infusion (CRNI) and who holds an MBA writes this blog.
  7. jParadisi RN’s Blog: J. Paradisi is an artist and writer working as a Registered Nurse who blogs about nursing issues, nursing identity, and other topics.
  8. Life In The ER a Nurse’s Perspective: ER Nurse Blog: An emergency room nurse “rants and raves” about her work.
  9. LivingDeadNurse’s Psycho Ward: This blog is filled with “ramblings of an ER nurse, mother, biker, movie-goer” and more.
  10. Male Nurse Anonymous: A (supposedly) male nurse writes about his career, with anonymity provided for everyone, including himself.
  11. Mamatrauma: An new ER nurse working in a county hospital relays her stories as a “third-career nurse.”
  12. New Nurse, In the Hood: Baby nurse in the ED surrounded by nursing homes “in the worst part of a big city. Consequentially, I get sworn at A LOT, and I’m growing up fast.”
  13. NP Odyssey: An RN heads into a new career, as she goes back to school to become a nurse practitioner.
  14. Nurse & Lawyer: Elizabeth and Amy are twins; Elizabeth is an RN in a cardiac ICU and Amy is a law student. They share their perspectives and debates with the world.
  15. NewbornNurse J: A male nurse who works in critical care writes this blog about his stories.
  16. Nurse Me: A trauma/critical care nurse who works at a Level I trauma center writes about experiences in “It Hurts Here, USA.”
  17. Off the Charts: Blog by the American Journal of Nursing. Recent posts include an article on needlestick injuries and one on the life cycle of nursing blogs.
  18. Pee and Sympathy: True Stories from an RN: An RN shares stories weekly, creating a “bite-sized memoir.”
  19. PinkyRN: An RN who is into crafts occasionally writes about her work — she’s been out of commission lately. Go find out why…
  20. RN Chat: Since September, 2009, a blog and site for nurses to chat with other nurses via Twitter.
  21. RN-tertainment: A blogger writes about the first year as an Emergency Department RN.
  22. Rudimentary RN: This blogger writes about her career-change experience from medical editor to RN to (hopefully) CRNA.
  23. STAT: Stories from a new grad ER nurse, “doctor friendly and HIPPA approved.”
  24. Student Nurse Laura: A blog created by student nurse Laura to keep her organized in her classes as she ventures into the world of care.
  25. VaccinationSuzanne Gordon: This author, lecturer and patient advocate focuses on carework in her blog.
  26. Taking the Scenic Drive: A pediatric ICU nurse in the Midwest studies for the MCAT to apply to medical school, but life sort of happens along the way…
  27. The Intensive Art: This is the diary of a 30 year-old (male) ICU nurse on his way up the nursing ladder.
  28. The Man-Nurse Diaries: A blog by a 30-year-old male nurse with four kids who works in trauma ICU.
  29. The Millionaire Nurse: Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? This blog teaches nurses how to build and grow wealth.
  30. The Muse, RN: A blog by a wife, mother, RN, nurse educator, which she considers a “gift of news and commentary for her Nursing colleagues, young and old, past, present, and future.”
  31. This is the story of a girl: A 20-year-old nursing student undergoes weight loss surgery on her way to becoming an RN.
  32. Those Emergency Blues: A blog by an Emergency Department nurse who considers herself over-educated and over-certified and cynical because she is very skeptical about the system.
  33. What a Nurse!!! Jackie is a 20-something nurse who blogs about all the crazy things that happen to her.
  34. Who’s Life Is This, Anyways? A balancing act with school as a pre-nursing student, a husband and children, and the future for this blogger.
  35. wife.mom.nurse: “Believer, Firewife, full-time mom, part-time L&D nurse, daughter, sister, friend, blogger.”
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